I am currently doing a post-doc at the Institut Pasteur in France, in Romain Koszul lab.

I come from an experimental biology background, but I quickly moved toward a “wet/dry” PhD (i.e. generating high-throughput sequencing libraries during the day, and analysing the resulting datasets at night). During my post-doc, I am now entirely focusing on data analysis. To answer fundamental biological questions, I routinely use R to dig into the data I generated to highlight mechanisms of gene regulation.

On my spare time, I like to play around with computer-assisted generative art. Have a look at my galleries!. I am also an ardent moviegoer. I wrote an R package to analyse movie box-office results (link here). I am now switching to Python to build an interactive dashboard to visually investigate the trends in movie industry by year, genre and actor. But I can still enjoy a movie without thinking about crushing numbers: check out my Letterboxd.